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“Everything you need to know about independent publishing,

when you need to know it!”

New approach for CIPA College

CIPA's continuing education program, referred to as the CIPA College, will educate, enlighten, inspire, and motivate you at whatever stage of independent publishing you find yourself. CIPA College is offering a new way to develop your independent publishing knowledge and skills. The College iwas expanded in 2011 to offer educational experiences across the calendar year with the goal of giving you “everything you need to know about independent publishing, when you need to know it!” Obviously this is quite an undertaking, and it will take time to meet this goal.

Do you need a little inspiration or motivation go keep you focused? Want to learn how to better market your book? And do you want to know what the fuss is all about with e-books, iPads, Nooks, Twitter, and the like? These are just some of the experiences and topics covered during the first CIPA College Day held on February 12, 2011 in Northglenn, CO. 

But don't take our word for it. This is what a couple of attendees had to say about the first CIPA College Day. 

I really enjoyed my first CIPA College event last Saturday and found every class to be very informative. As a newbie, it's a little overwhelming to dive into the world of independent publishing, but after becoming a Member of CIPA, attending a monthly meeting and participating in the first college day, I feel more at ease knowing I have so many rich resources and such a strong network of seasoned professionals . . . I really look forward to attending more meetings and classes and being afforded the opportunity to network so easily!

Alecia Wellen


I left yesterday both energized and daunted by what I now see as my need for a more business-like approach to my writing . . . Thanks again for a valuable day's instruction.

Karen Douglass


Comprehensive Curriculum

A comprehensive curriculum is being developed with the assistance of an advisory group made up of CIPA members and others with expertise considered essential to the successful creation and operation of an independent publishing enterprise. 

Educational experiences are being designed to expose participants to content and expertise needed in the various stages of the creation and successful operation of an independent publishing business, from the creation of a completed manuscript, through book production, to the successful marketing and promotion of the published work. 

A variety of formats will be used to enrich the learning experience and appeal to different learning styles, such as one-hour, two-hour, and three-hour live presentations, hands-on workshops, roundtables with experts, field experiences, webinars and teleseminars, streaming recordings of teleseminars and workshops, and digital resources.

The table below illustrates how the curriculum is being developed. Topics for classes are grouped into four categories: pre-production, production, post-production, and professional.


Much of the content in the section identified as "Manuscript Development" above may be the most useful to someone who is in the pre-production phase of book production. The class designated as MAN200 would be most useful when someone is in the production of a book, and others such as MAN300 and MAN320 are going to be most helpful after a book is available for purchase. A couple of manuscript-related courses, MAN400 and MAN420, will be designed for people who are experienced with independent publishing and are ready to expand their business.

View the current list of potential classes to be offered.

While some of these educational experiences will be offered during the regular monthly CIPA meetings, most will require that individuals register and pay for each event in advance. Registration at the door will NOT be available because class size will be strictly observed, typically with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 participants.

Frequency of course offerings

As with academic programs, beginning experiences may be offered with greater frequency at a variety of locations and advanced and specialized topics with less frequency at fewer locations around the Denver metro area. Classes may also be scheduled during summer months and at other times when CIPA does not hold its regular monthly meetings. Demand ultimately will dictate the frequency of offerings and where experiences will be scheduled. At least two and as many as six distinctly different classes will be scheduled on the same date at the same location. 


The College faculty will primarily consist of CIPA members who are classified as associate service providers and who have the requisite knowledge and skills on the topic being presented. You will find a link to a brief bio of the presenter at the bottom of each course description. 

Click to see a list of faculty who delivered presentations and workshops in 2011. Please note that additional faculty will be added to the roster continually as presentations, workshops, teleseminars, and webinars are scheduled.